On-Demand Data Concierge to generate insights 10x faster.

BetterBrain's AI platform instantly pulls data for our experts to review and perfect. You ask questions and get the answers you need in days minutes.

How it works

BetterBrain partners with your product, revenue, and operations teams to answer their data questions and requests 10x faster.

You've got questions, we've got answers...blazing fast

You don't need to know how to code, where data is stored, or remember the right formulas to get answers to your questions. Ask your questions in plain English and get results in minutes.

Your data team will be happy you asked BetterBrain first.


  1. What are the benefits of BetterBrain?
    1. Our mission is to give your business teams (e.g. product, revenue, operations, etc.) superpowers. By enabling anyone to get the right data 10x faster, their capacity and velocity accelerate to the same degree.
    2. By making these business teams more self-sufficient, we reduce the burden on data teams so they can focus on more strategic work rather than getting bogged down with reactive requests ("data monkey work").
  2. What types of questions/requests does BetterBrain handle?
    1. We help you get data from your product or applications to answer the most important questions to drive your business forward.
  3. How can you answer questions faster than our internal data team?
    1. Our on-demand team of data experts at your disposal.
    2. We have built proprietary technology to help codify your company's institutional data knowledge so you don't have to keep reinventing the wheel. This significantly accelerates questions/requests over time.
  4. How much does this cost?
    1. All customers start with a free trial and then move to a monthly service fee. This fee is roughly 20% of bringing on another analyst to support your team.
  5. How do you handle our data?
    1. We do not want your data. We prefer your data stays on your servers and in your control.

Don't wait days or weeks to get the data you need to make critical decisions. Ask BetterBrain questions directly in Slack and get answers to your company's data questions in minutes.


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