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Introducing BetterBrain

Enterprise search and context-aware workflow automation for teams

Work in data, operations, sales, finance or product?
Discover reliable workflow automation that knows your business and learns what you want.

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Frictionless integration

Have all the right information at your fingertips. BetterBrain connects to your structured and unstructured data, no matter where it is.

Setup is instant, with one-click connection to Google Drive, PDFs, Excel files, Salesforce, Notion, Affinity and more - as well as popular databases and business intelligence tools.

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Automation that works the same way you do

BetterBrain goes deeper to unlock the hidden institutional knowledge of how your team actually works, then leverages that knowledge to seamlessly support you in everyday tasks.

Unlock your organization's knowledge

Effortlessly gather insights from across your organization and make informed decisions faster. BetterBrain seamlessly connects with all your data sources, including unstructured data like PDFs, Excel files and meeting notes - giving you instant access to all your organization's information, no matter where it is

Save time and effort with smart automations

Streamline your operations and save valuable time with our custom-built smart automations. BetterBrain's deep understanding of your business processes ensures these automations are both reliable and flexible, making your workflows more efficient

Get insights from all your data

Leverage BetterBrain's powerful automated analysis to extract valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data. Transform raw data into actionable intelligence to help drive your business forward

Intuitive user experience

Enjoy an intuitive user interface designed for ease-of-use, or let us integrate BetterBrain with your existing frontend - no need to change how you work. Our responsive customer success team will be on hand to help you get the most out of BetterBrain

Get the right answers from AI

BetterBrain delivers superior answers compared to other AI systems, thanks to our advanced retrieval techniques, built-in bad answer detection, and real-time learning. Our citation feature and human-in-the-loop process validation ensure accuracy and transparency in every response

Quick and easy implementation

Get up and running within days with our core knowledge tools. Let our AI experts build you tailored integrations, smart automations and custom features to enhance your business operations and elevate your AI strategy

Case studies

A million use cases

BetterBrain is powering AI-driven workflows for data, operations, sales, finance and product teams, at organizations of all sizes.

Creating advanced lead intelligence using nontraditional data sources, including social media content

Outbound sales team at 10+ employee agency

Automating urgent ad-hoc data requests for immediate and accurate responses to business stakeholders

Data team at 150+ employee company

Enabling sophisticated insights for central management from globally dispersed information

Global management team at 500+ employee organization

Analyzing unstructured supply chain data, providing insights into supplier performance and delivery timelines

Operations team at 70+ employee company

Efficiently recording and categorizing complex contract details, generating accurate personalized reports

Finance team at 100+ employee company

Integrating data from across new clients' businesses, giving consultants comprehensive insights from day one

Consultancy firm with 40+ employees

"The core asset of our agency, the single thing that has allowed our small team of 10 to close ~$1m revenue in the last few months, is BetterBrain."

"BetterBrain saves our Head of Operations 20+ hours a week, and boosts sales performance... it's a game-changer for us."

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